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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Twisted Log Cabin Adventures

Side view - ahhh pleats are SO awesome!!

This is my blocks before sewn together

You MUST MUST MUST start with an equilateral triangle image.

Fons and Porter Pyramid Ruler

Here is a nice sized ruler to start with.
I didn't have a ruler when I made my quilt, I searched the internet and tweaked the print until it came out right.  Get the ruler.  much easier! ;c)

Here you can see my two printed triangle blocks. One being equilateral, one isosceles. (I'm probably mispelling that)= )

Before you get started you will need you fabric and some colored pencils:

Crayola 50ct Long Colored Pencils

***************THIS IS VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT!! *************
I still think it turned out right, but it messes with your head a little until you get used it!!
It is extremely helpful to draft a layout in a PAINT program (EQ6 would work probably.. hahah) here's my draft .. DO NOT use mine this is copywrited material. You must draft your own block or buy the book!!! (Barbara Kaempfer's Log Cabin With A Twist

is helpful, but you'll still need to draft your own block ; ))

Just so you know I would not care - and if it were up to me I would be happy to just send everyone the finished paper piecing block file!! But, after much googling myself to try to find one already drafted, I believe this is definately copywritten somewhere and so many pics have been deleted.
Then lay out all your blocks, and take colored pencils and color them, in order that way you can just mindlessly sew. This is a peak at the back of my top:

For more tips on paper piecing this is an excellent resource:
Other helpful hints****
When all your blocks are completed - pin them together and stitch in rows. Press seams open. Do not remove the paper - just press right on top of paper and all. When sewing together a row, it's nice to be able to see where you are supposed to sew. If you have drawn your 1/4" seam, and where you're supposed to sew it's right there for you! More mindless sewing!!!
It took a few tries before I numbered and sewed mine in the correct order. Do this: For example, if you have one colored side and the other 2 sides are background, put a one in the center, the 2 will go on the colored side, then go clockwise... actually you will want to go in the direction of your curves mine was backwards so it was clockwise. If you have two colored sides and one background, put a ONE in the center, then a two on and three on the colored sides and a 4 on the background ... does this make sense?? Keep going around and around, and your background WILL be the last sewn. This ensures that your colored twists have a nice smooth curve.

I had a bunch of old hand-dyed fabric that I wanted to use up and I know it would have been better with black background, but I had just finished one with hand-dyes and black AND I didn't have any more black so .. well. I had already had a bunch of strips cut 2" wide so I used these and this seems to be a perfect size for this project. I mean even when I thought I had totally screwed up the width was so big that it still covered the seam!!! It is very wasteful but my goodness there are so many sooooooo so so many little pieces in this that it's nice to have to think about it as much (mindless sewing?!) So what I did was I took my colored block, started with the center square, and then grabbed number 2, 3, 4, 5 etc., etc., I then took this neatly lined up strips of fabric and put a number on the top of them. I put the same number on the paper pattern. This way you don't have to think about it, whatever comes off the machine you look at the number on the triangle, then you find the corresponding numbered pile of strips, the one on top is the one you use.. VOILA!
I'm probably not explaining this all too well but here maybe this picture will help:

I kept a pair of scissors by the machine and chain pieced the triangles.. 4 at a time. When one came off the machine, I just folded the paper back, and roughly cut the seam allowance off into a box. (the box is overflowing now!)

Then, I pin that strip to the paper at the outer edge of the strip. This way you don't have to press. Well I hope I haven't thoroughly confused you all. If anyone ends up making one please let me know!!! Feel free to message me if you have any questions and want to give this a go!!! Or if you have any suggestions on borders/binding. = )


  1. WOW! That's beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. That is amazing!!!! I really like it...thanks for the tutorial!!

  3. LOVE IT!!! and btw, happy anniversary to you, wedding twin-- My husband and I got married the same day! You've inspired me to cave and start paper piecing.

  4. Wow - I love the movement in your quilt.

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous and wonderfully challenging. Good for you! (a tad crazy, tho, LOL)

  6. WOW!!! This is fabulous! Thanks for sharing.

  7. What a stunning quilt Katie! Just reading your blog will inspire many fellow quilters to follow your example and now have the confidence to design on our own. You are a true leader, showing us it can be done. We are eager to follow in your footsteps.
    WAY TO GO KATIE!!!! Judi

  8. GREAT blog Katie! Your tutorial with pictures is so inspiring and I'll bet many of us will be following in your footsteps and designing on our own. Thanks for sharing with us.
    WAY TO GO KATIE!!! Judi

  9. WOW - that is quite amazing! Love the way you've used the colours. Congrats :)

  10. Dear - you are WAY underestimating yourself - stop it now! this is glorious and you are very talented!!!

  11. This is looking AMAZING!!! Okay so now there is something else I need to add to my "gotta do before I die" list.

  12. Your quilt is absolutely fabulous. I am in awe.

  13. Katie,
    Your beautiful hand-dyed colors are truly given a proper showcase with this quilt! Your blog always shows how you work and how you think and that's why it is always interesting.
    Vic in NH

  14. This is amazing. Thanks for sharing your process! I've done this as a machine quilting design and loved it, but it never occurred to me that it would make a great pieced pattern as well. My quilt bucket list just got longer.

  15. You show a picture of Fons & Porter pyramid ruler but reference EZ Angle ruler 6.5 - which one did you use in drafting your block?


    1. Ooops Becky! Thank you - That's definitely a mistake on my part. I don't know why teh link for the EZ Angle is there. Weird! I removed it and replaced it with the Fons and Porter pyramid ruler link.
      Sorry. Thank you!