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Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Dyes - amazing results!

The 2nd Annual Katie's Quilts and Crafts TIE DYE PARTY was a success!!
We use only the highest quality dyes, and do our dyeing the "professional" way, complete with all the high-tech chemicals and whatnot ;c)

In the past I have always used dharma, or  Jacquard procion mx dyes, this is the first time trying the "Grateful Dyes."  I am now a FAN!  This is certainly the best dye session I have ever had.  They are SO bright, and the wait time is much shorter.
Here's some photos:

Here's my package from GRATEFUL DYES!!   Pretty ROYGBV
 Me mixing up the chemical water - soda solution.

All the girls busy making their tie-dyes.
 Heather and Lauren, happy in their colorful mess ;c)
 I find it best to lay down some plastic (a garbage bag ripped open) then lay down a towel, and then do your dyeing on top of that.  The towel will soak up the excess dyes, so your garment doesn't get muddy.  I happen to LOVE my tie-dyed towels and use them daily ;c)
 I use an old drawer to nothing for my dyes
 Washing your dyes in the washer. .  the water is black ;c)
 Some tie-dyed cookies for the party!
 some finished tie-dyes hanging on the line.
 Tiffany and her awesome tie-dyed shirt!
 Amy and her amazing tie-dyed pillowcase!
 Yes she did!  Amy dyed some shoes!
 Another of Amy's tie-dyed pillowcases.
 Baby Miles got a few tie-dyed garments . . awww

 Amy's tie-dyed shirt!
 These next few are Sarah-Elaines tie-dyes:

 And these next ones are Ang's tie-dyes:

Next up:  I cannot WAIT to use these awesome dyes to dye myself some new QUILTING FABRIC!!  
Stay tuned!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Crown Royal Quilt #2

***   Updated Nov 5 2013 ***
Hi everyone, I now have instructions to make this Crown Royal quilt (in 7 different sizes) available as a downloadable PDF booklet on my etsy page. Check it out now!

Finished my 2nd Crown Royal Quilt!  This one uses 5 different styles of Crown Royal Bags.
 Here are all the bags all ready to be cut!
 Here are all the Crown squares cut!

 Top Complete!

 This is the best photo I could get!
Here's a shot of the back of the quilt. . . we had a few extra bags for this quilt so I used them on the back ;c)

Again you can purchase this pattern as a downloadable PDF here on my craftsy page:

Thank you!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Puppy Baby Quilt

My Sister came up with the idea for this quilt.  She liked the MONKEY and OWL Quilts, but wanted one with a puppy theme.  Jamie is all into bassett hounds, and I TRIED to draw/or FIND a bassett hound drawing to copy.  but no luck.   I ended up drawing this little gal, who was inspired by several OTHER photos.  I'm not exactly sure what breed she is.   What do you think?  ;c) 

Finished Puppy Baby Quilt, for one of my sisters BFFs Jamie Jeffrey, who is about to have a baby girl!

My favorite part of this quilt was the quilting on the log.   My sister thought it would be a cute idea to have the puppy sitting on a log.  I cut out the shape, with brown fabric, and it definitely needed SOMETHING.   So I quilted the log in this woodgrain texture.  It added SO MUCH to the log itself, and the overall quilt.

Here's a photo of the BACK of the quilt, featuring the woodgrain quilting:

 For this quilt, I did the same format as the Owl and Monkey quilts.  I used Colored blocks quilted with feathers, and a white McTavishing background.