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Sunday, September 21, 2014

My Baby Girl is a TODDLER!

At the beginning of each month, I stick my child in this white wicker chair, in her bedroom, and take her picture.   Each month is a color of the rainbow (ROYGBP.)  I purchased the cotton onesies at various places, and hand-dyed them each month before the photo shoot.  I tried to keep her in matching white socks, and a matching bow (however bows,. .and ESPECIALLY socks, are very hard to keep up with)
Im' so excited I was able to keep doing this each month! I love the way they turned out!

 I have been super busy this past month, getting ready for her birthday party, and we just got back from the BEACH.  Here are a couple of her professional photos that were done by the AMAZING Sarah Dunlap
Here's my baby at her 1st birthday party, which was held at a local park.  

Her favorite gift was given to her by her Ant and Uncle - a baby grand piano (and I mean an ACTUAL "baby" grand piano.)   It's like a keyboard with various sounds and comes with a metronome and recording option.   Did Mommy and Daddy play with it more that her??  maybeeeeee
 Of course she enjoyed her obligatory chocolate cake!!!   ;c)

And along with the smiling monthly photos shown earlier, here are some of my favorites-  which I have deemed "DUDS,"   but show some of Mira's true personality ;c)

And finally, a few photos from our recent beach trip!  

Sorry for clogging up your feed with boring photos of my life - I will be back to quilting first thing in the morning!!!  ;c)