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QAYG Tutorial ~ Quilt-As-You-Go.
***Learn how to make an easy Charm quilt along with bias binding, pieced batting, and everything you need to learn the quilt-as-you-go process.  This method is done completely by machine.***

QAYG ~ Intro
QAYG ~ Part 1 - Materials
QAYG ~ Part 2 - Binding/Sashing
QAYG ~ Part 3 - Piecing
QAYG ~ Part 4 - Joining Blocks
QAYG ~ Part 5 - Finishing

*Twisted Log Cabin Tricks and Tips*
~ A paper pieced triangle block.

*Harvest Placemats*
~ Use an old CD or DVD for the scalloped edges.

*HST Shortcut
~ Make 8 half-square Triangles at once

*HST The Novel
~ 10+ Different ways to make Half Square Triangles

*Dyeing Tutorial 
~ Learn to dye 2-color, 6-Step gradations.

*Tee-Skirt Tutorial 
~ Reconstructed from Old Tees and Jeans

*Tee-Shirt Quit Prep*
~Prepping Tee-Shirts for a Tee-Shirt Quilt

*Basting Tutorial*
~ Basting tutorial using 2x4s and safety pins

*Self Binding Tutorial*
~Self-binding using fleece

~ WV Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

*Quilted Coasters Tutorial