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Sunday, July 3, 2011

*PART 1 - Materials/Supply list*

QAYG - Charm Quilt
*Finished Quilt size = 90" x 90" - QUEEN-sized
*Size of Charms - 6.5" UNfinished, 6" Finished
*225 Total Charm Squares
*9 Sections = 30.5" square each - 25 Charms in each Section
~~~ I used several different sizes of yardage and Fat Quarters to get the 225 Charms that I needed for the quilt. But if you want to buy fabric specifically for the project, here is a general idea of what you will need:
*1 1/2 yards of 5 different fabrics
*1 yard of 9 different fabrics
*5/8 yards of 15 different fabrics
*3/8 yards of 25 different fabrics
~~~Generally, with a charm quilt, the more variety the better. I used 19 different fabrics in my quilt.
~~For the back of the quilt, you will need 9 different squares measuring LARGER than 30.5" Feel free to do a scrappy back, and piece some fabric together to equal at least a 33" square. If you would like to purchase yardage especially to use for the backing, you will need 8.5 yards.

Materials Needed:
225 - 6.5" squares
9 - squares measuring at least 33" (can be pieced from scraps)
9 - squares of batting measuring at least 31" (also can be pieced)
2.25 yards - Fabric for sashing and Binding.
Piecing thread - I recommend Aurifil 50wt or Invisifil 112wt
Quilting Thread - Should compliment your charm squares
Sashing/Binding Thread - should blend well with binding/sashing fabric.
LOTS of long, quilting pins
Large Quilting safety pins
Quilting clips, Bag Clips, or Hair clips
Walking Foot - it is HIGHLY recommended you use a walking foot during the whole process.
Sewing Machine with a straight stitch as well as a wide zig-zag option.
Thin line ink pen or pencil
Chalk or Quilt marker (invisible ink)
Rotary Cutter
Self-Healing Mat
Quilt ruler
Plastic-coated Paper Clips (optional)
1 Paper Towel center and 1 Toilet Paper center (optional)
Needle and Thread (if you're piecing your batting)

Assume all seams are 1/4" Seam allowance unless noted ** We will be adding the sashing and binding with a 3/8" Seam allowance. **

To begin, set your sewing machine up with your walking foot and your piecing thread.

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