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Mission Statement

Hi!  I'm Katie Wiseman, 
I am a Quilt Maker, Fabric Dyeing Artist, Pattern Designer, Wife, and  NEW Mom.  

I would like to use this blog to discuss new quilt ideas, techniques and provide inspiration to my fellow quilters!  
Please see my "tutorials" page for the DIY projects I have already provided and don't forget to PIN them on pinterest!

In the very near future I would like to share some ideas via DIY tutorials on some of the quilt techniques that fascinate me currently.  ;c)  Here are some ideas to look forward to:

  • Free-Motion embroidery with a darning foot  

  • Raw-edge, fusible, applique (with the option of free-motion)   

  • Simple, Scrappy Baby quilts. 

  • Personalizing your quilt (and the many many ways you can do this!)

  • TETRIS-style T-shirt quilts. 

  • Making quilts out of baby clothes.   

  • Designing your own quilts with graph paper.

Do any of these sound interesting to you?  Please leave me a comment or a message telling me exactly what you would like to talk about and which topic you would like to read first!

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