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Monday, January 11, 2010

Carolina Christmas

Carolina Christmas - a Bonnie Hunter quiltville mystery - DONE!!!!
I think this is the quilt I am most proud of to DATE. It may not be much to you, but all the many little pieces - and oh the fun it was to put htem all together and see the mystery unfold. I'm just so tickled pink and blue by the whole thing. Oh, and I'm KEEPING this one. Just stitched my last border stitch, have it laid out on my bed and I get to snuggle underneat my very first handmade quilt... made by me. I've never made one for me. Well my Birthday is in just a few hours so 1/12 so this is my bday present to myself. Oh and Louie cannot stand it, he has to be the 1st to lay on a fresh quilt. I can't resist the cuteness.