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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

3 New Polls

Please take a moment to look at the 3 new polls I have added to the right of the blog. QAYG, Fabric-dyeing, and Stack-N-Whack. Thanks!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tee shirt Quilt/s

Right now I'm finishing up two tee-shirt quilts. The first, for my dear sweet husband for his birthday. This man has collected so many grateful dead shirts over the years and he has definitely got his money's worth out of them. They're stained, stretched, hole-y, and FABULOUS! I have all but two "blocks" quilted on his quilt and still need to bind it . . More on his quilt later....

I put DH's quilt on hold because my dear sweet friend from high school Julie requested a tee shirt quilt made of all her husband's old shirts. They were in excellent, like-new condition. . compared to my husband's shirts. . I could barely tell they have been worn! They were in such good condition in fact, that I was able to use the back of all the tee shirts for the backing.
The style of tee shirt quilt she chose is what I refer to as a "tetris" style tee shirt quilt. Instead of the usual blocked quilt with the posibility of sashing, the main logos or screenprints of the shirts are cut-out and arranged in a haphazard fashion. If you haven't made a quilt like thsi . . it's actually interesting. It brings an element of puzzle-ish fun into the mix. I really dig it!
Here's a shot of the front and back.

If anyone would like for me to make a tee shirt quilt for you. Feel free to contact me at For a 64" x 84" quilt, or big enough to cover just the top of a queen sized bed, I charge $150.

As soon as I get this quilt of my husband's complete (should be tomorrow) I"ll be sure to share some photos.

Okay Okay, better late than never. ;c) Here's the photos of the front and back of my husband's grateful dead tee-shirt quilt. I quilted it with big loop-d-loops with my free-motion foot. The back is just some colorful "trippy" fabrics that were in my stash. I also tied the corners with some thick variegrated yarn.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A couple small projects finished

1. I made this little wall quilt for my mom. She wanted a long and thin quilted wall hanging with something like a fern or foliage on it. She requested that it be done in neutrals and browns but with just a touch of red. This is how I interpreted that. I wanted to try to do like a photo negative effect. So you can see the shadows are actually the lightest part of the quilt. One of the main reasons I was motivated to start and finish this so quickly is that I wanted to practice the quilting style "McTavishing." It's actually not a super hard design, but I wish I would have outlined around the leaves instead of trying to mctavish around them. McTavishing is a style of quilting that probably should be done in a larger area, such as borders. Well here it is for what its worth:

2. My friend Jaime wanted some pillows to match her wall hanging I had previously made for her. She requested a star and she showed me an example that was made from 1800s-style fabrics. I decided to do a sawtooth star block and used all the 1800/civil war repros I Had in my stash. This was such a relatively simple project but I think they turned out so good! Yes I ran into some issues . .but the back was more difficult than the front. Here they are I think they're just adorable!

One more thing. . I'm finished quilting all the small blocks for my Floribunda BOM. Here's a front and back shot of one of the blocks. . .

I am doing a scrappy back for this quilt. All different purples/plums/violets of all different shades, but I'm using all the same pink-ish thread. ; )