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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Twisted Log Cabin

I made a 2nd Twisted Log Cabin quilt, again using my hand dyed gradated fabrics, but this time with a BLACK and grey background.  My original TWISTED LOG CABIN quilt post is still my most popular  post on my whole blog!  Unfortunately though, that quilt is ruined because I used a yellow chalk  to mark quilting lines and it would NOT come out in the washing machine.  =c(
I can't believe I haven't uploaded a photo of this quilt yet!!!  I still haven't had a chance to get a decent photograph of it, but today it is raining, so an indoor photo will have to suffice . . for now.   

 Here are all of my paper pieces printed out, and I colored them using colored pencils so I would know which fabrics to use in which position.
 My cut-out colored paper pieces, and my LIST
 and here are all of the fabric pieces to start the sewing!!   I just LOVEEEE the organization part of this quilt!  (I know I am sick)
 Here are all of the finished sewn triangle pieces laid out on the table.   Thank GOD they all fit!!! ;c)
 This is what my floor looks like next to my sewing machine when I am paper piecing ;c)  I just go and snip the excess fabric off using scissors.
The back of the quilt looks cool too.  But now it was time for the hard part - pulling out all the paper!  Here are some photos of me pulling out some of the paper pieces. 

 The finished center/top.  I added some black borders to this to make the quilt rectangular.  I wanted to do some fancy fun feathers to this ;c)
 Here I start the quilting in the black/grey areas, little half feather motif.
 I just loved the way this center pinwheel looked once it was quilting!
Here are all of the finished black/grey areas!
and. . this is a horrible photo,  (i promise I'll get some better ones ASAP) . . but I wanted to get a picture of the colored areas.   I wanted the colored pinwheels to really POP. .  even stick out a little bit. . so I did a very simple motif in this area.  I did a curved sorta outline around each "petal" and then did a curly-Q in the center.  I liked the way it turned out!

In the borders/outer black areas, I did a very tight feather motif.  I actually DON"T like what I did in this area as much. . .BUT. . It is a very dense quilting design.  . . almost TOO dense I think.    I feel that if I made the outer feathers a bit fatter I would have been more satisfied ;c)