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Friday, June 24, 2011

Please Vote for My Quilt!!

Right now I am neck-and-neck with another quilt for the win!! Every vote counts!! It would mean so much to me!!!

Remember the name of the quilt is called "GOLF COURSE FOR DADDY" ~ Katie Wiseman


This is one of the first quilts I ever made and it was for my Dad for his birthday.
I told him I was making him a quilt and asked him to pick the "theme" of the quilt. He of course requested a gOLF COURSE quilt!! hahahaha. My dad is a BIG golfer . . .and he's really good at it! So, it's not exactly a GOLF quilt, BUT I think I accomplished the COLORS of a golf course anyway. . .hee hee
I went to the fabric store looking for golf course colored fabric. . . I found lots of Green for the fairway, water hazard, sand bunker, sky, etc., ;c) ;c)

This is my dad and me at my wedding ;c)


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Stella Top

I have just finished my top "Stella." It's the Jinny Beyer pattern "Crystal Star" but I left the jagged edges off and the thin pale yellow strips off the pattern. I was thinking of adding some applique but I think some clever quilting would soften the edges.
If anyone has any quilting suggestions I would greatly appreciate them!!!

This quilt was stitched together VERY quickly. It only took me 3 days from start to finish. Probably because the Jinny Beyer palette strips were pre-cut, AND, the instructions were so nice, and clear. VERY easy stitching for amazing results. I am in LOVE with the Jinny Beyer palette strips!!!

I will be hanging this in my sewing area to use as a guide. Isn't it amazing? I am thrilled with how it turned out. The colors almost illuminate in the quilt! I love you Jinny Beyer! hahaha

Monday, June 20, 2011

Following The Lamb Wherever He Goes: Lucia's Memory Quilt - Will you be a piece of brin...

Following The Lamb Wherever He Goes: Lucia's Memory Quilt - Will you be a piece of bringing her home?: "I am so excited to share Lucia's Memory Quilt fundraiser with you! I am having a snowball signature quilt made for Lucia. Here is a genera..

Please visit my friend Tracy Morgan's Blog, to view my next (upcoming) project.
Tracy is in the process of adopting a child from Mexico with down-syndrome. She has named her "Lucia" which means "light."
As we all know, adoption fees are insanely expensive, and Tracy has been working endlessly to raise the money for all fees upon fees that it takes to bring Lucia finally home to her.
Her latest effort is a quilt project in which the supporter will have the opportunity to sign a quilt block in return for a donation. We collaborated and felt the snowball block represented best what look we wanted Lucia's quilt to have.
It's going to be a scrappy snowball quilt, and some of the signatures will carry onto 2 or 4 "blocks." I think this will add aLOT to the usual hum-drum snowball quilt. This option is especially nice since this is such a unique situation.

Would you like to help bring Lucia home? Stop over to Tracy's blog, and make a donation to have your signature included in her quilt. I will be posting the final quilt and my step-by-step process here, on my blog.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I want EVERYONE to go check out my friend, J Rachel Besnard's blog RIGHT NOW!!! =cD

A little bit about Jonua ~
Jonua and I were friends when we were both children, and we are now reconnecting as adults. She is one of the most amazingly creative people I know. Jonua makes GORGEOUS jewelry. When you see it I just know you'll agree - her pieces are so intricate and just stunning. She has an amazing eye for color and design and utilizes that gift when making her beautiful pieces of jewelry.
Jonua lived very close to me, in a small town in West Virginia, until she found the love of her life, got married, and moved to Paris. Yes, her husband is French!

So go check out her stuff right now at her ArtFire Store:

When you're done with that, make sure to go to her BLOG, "follow" her, so you'll be entered into the giveaway drawing.

Again, click HERE to go to her BLOG!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Covering Joplin with Love

~~Repost from Fellow quilter of Scratchingpost yahoo group~~~~~~

Most people are aware that an extremely destructive [EF-5] tornado struck Joplin, MO the evening of May 22, 2011. In the 10 days since, many of us who reside in southwest Missouri have been responding to the urgent need for assistance to that community at every level. Sindy has kindly approved my posting this message with regard to a call for help from quilters. I am personally involved with the project described through the church with which I am affiliated, and will gladly answer any questions anyone should have. Please carefully consider this plea to get involved with Joplin, Missouri tornado relief.
Dee-MO, aka Lighthouse-MO

"Covering Joplin With Love"

Quilters all over the country are invited to send one or more quilts for distribution to persons whose home was damaged or destroyed in Joplin, MO when an EF-5 tornado struck on May 22, 2011.
The need is urgent and enormous. Quilts of all sizes are needed: light-weight summer quilts for babies and children, youth and adults for this time of year would be especially useful. Crib, twin, double, queen … king....any weight batting…. ANY and ALL SIZES will be put to use immediately and in the months to come as thousands of people have been left without housing and furnishings. We ask that you employ the quilter's high standard of quality – please only send an item that you would be pleased to receive. Contributions may be personally delivered or send to:

"Covering Joplin with Love"
c/o Brentwood Christian Church
1900 E. Barataria
Springfield, MO 65804-3835

Quilts may be sent by UPS, Fed-Ex or United States Postal Service. For more information, call the church at 417-881-0144, Jeanne Nixon, 417-883-5182 or Charlie Bahn, 417-234-6826, or email