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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas

What an amazing Christmas. My family (Mom, Sister, Brother, Husband, Father) never cease to amaze/surprise me! Since my family all live in seperate parts of the US we put our "wishlist" on Amazon and go from there. It insures we always get what we really want for Christmas. Sometimes we'll include a sort-of "dream" item. In my case it was a new sewing machine. Well, I got one! I could NOT believe it. A Janome 2010! I was at "Mr. Sewing Machine" in Dunbar, WV looking around for new sewing machines one day. They showed me the features of each one, and the Janome that I got for Xmas has a stop feature that I am in love with. This isn't a super fancy machine but I'm pretty sure it will be better than my old Singer Inspiration 4210. LOL. My old singer baby has done a lot for me. . I've stitched SO Much on it in the last 2 years. I think I went through at least 100 belts. ANYWHO - I have yet to get the new Janome out of the box because I want to clean my home first. It's a WRECK from all the Christmas festivities.
Along with the awesome new sewing machine, I also got several FQ packs from connecting threads, + a 1/2 yard set. The 1/2 yard line is "Daisy Chain" The FQ sets are "Impressions of Kyoto,""Sweet and Sour," "Aqua Terra" and some random ones my sis picked out for me!!! They were sold out of the line I really wanted which was Merry Mushrooms by Windham, but I am absolutely thrilled that they all did this for me. Take it from me guys, if you and your family exchange regular gifts each year the Amazon Wishlist feature is the way to go!!! If Amazon doesn't have what you are wishing for, such as with me and my fabric, there is a favorite button you download and then when you go to the site that sells what you want i.e., connecting threads/sewing machine retailers etc., you then can add it to your wishlist on amazon so your family can view it. Everyone got what they wanted this year and none were dissapointed.
Here are a few photos of my fabric and stuff.

My MIL and FIL's Quilt is done!!! I got it all quilted and binded and wrapped up relaly pretty. I couldn't find a really good box to put it in, so at first they thought they were getting a water filteration system. HAHAHa Here's the finished Bloomin 9 Patch.

Guess what else is finally "almost" done?! DH's patchwork coat. There's a few things I still need to fix/finish. The collar I totally screwed up and so I need to put a band of fabric to cover up the raw edges that I couldn't figure out how to hide. I also need to put some type of closure on it - - probably buttons - - which James can help me pick out. I also might have accidentally left part of the paper backing from the interfacing in the collar. AHEM... Here's him showing off his patchwork coat. = D

Here's some of my favorite family pictures that I thought I would share:
Here's the Wiseman's by the tree - me and James(DH)
Here's the whole gang (my side of the family)

Here's my mom opening up her gift - a chainsaw !! LOL

My handsome husband in front of the tree after he opened my gift to him - the patchwork coat

My Dog (Louie the Weiner dog) got excited about all the presents and attention and I got some great shots of him this Christmas:

All in all this was a spectacular Christmas - the gifts were amazing- everyone was in such a jolly mood - no fighting - we are so truly blessed. In the midst of all our gifts and joy and Christmas cheer God blessed us with one extra gift/blessing/miracle - - A Christmas Day Rainbow. Here's the rainbow from Mom's front porch and also some pics of the backyard (behind the rainbow.) I always think the back side of the rainbow is super pretty too!

N E W Y E A R !!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Basting on Bloomin 9 patch DONE

I am attempting to use fusible batting this time around. I have had so much trouble with puckers and stuff when using regular batting and pins. I have never used a long-armer, I've always done my quilting myself. On these really big quilts there's nothing else I can really do but stuff and stuff some more.
This fusible batting seems to be working really well. Its late (1AM) so I am not going to do any quilting yet, I'll do that tomorrow. But from the looks of it, the quilt sandwich is absolutely perfect!!
I did put some pins in approximately 6" apart, but just being able to iron the batting down and seeing it all smooth is so worth it.
My camera has since died, but I will borrow one or something to take pics of the end result to share with the bloggy world.
I am really proud of this quilt. I am hoping my MIL and FIL will be happy with it.