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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

*NEW* Quilt Designs - Downloadable PDFs - For Sale

I've been hard at work (now with a baby on my lap) designing my most requested quilt patterns as a downloadable PDF.   The three most popular patterns are now available for purchase and download on etsy.

Don't make fun of the names of these patterns, I am TERRIBLE at naming things LOL.  The first pattern "MY HAPPY OWL" is an applique pattern that I designed for a friend's baby shower.  This quilt uses a raw edge, fusible applique technique.  Besides a package of fusible stabilizer, and white background fabric, you should be able to complete this quilt with scraps.

This next pattern titled "OWL DUET" is very similar to the first quilt pattern, except it features TWO owls.

And finally, I think this next pattern is THE most requested of all.   The ever-popular CROWN ROYAL quilt.  I have titled this "ROYAL STAR."   People who are wanting to start their own Crown Royal quilt have been emailing and messaging me asking me for help.   I am hoping that this 8-page booklet will help everyone make their own "unique" Crown Royal quilt from start to finish.
I have included the fabric requirements including borders, binding, and backing for 7 different sizes.  I have also included a chart that includes the counts for all pieces needed for each size.  Pieces include blocks, cornerstones, sashing, border strips, binding strips, and all the pieces that make up each star block.   There is also a LAYOUT chart where you can clearly see how to layout each piece for assembly in each of the 7 different sizes.  Also, there is a detailed bag deconstruction section with photos.   That being said, you will still need basic quilt knowledge and work at a beginner quilt level to succeed with this project.  But, I am still here if anyone needs help or has questions.  Albeit it may take me a little longer to respond now that I have a baby attached to my hip ;c)

Head on over to my etsy shop now! and Thanks!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Twisted Log Cabin

I made a 2nd Twisted Log Cabin quilt, again using my hand dyed gradated fabrics, but this time with a BLACK and grey background.  My original TWISTED LOG CABIN quilt post is still my most popular  post on my whole blog!  Unfortunately though, that quilt is ruined because I used a yellow chalk  to mark quilting lines and it would NOT come out in the washing machine.  =c(
I can't believe I haven't uploaded a photo of this quilt yet!!!  I still haven't had a chance to get a decent photograph of it, but today it is raining, so an indoor photo will have to suffice . . for now.   

 Here are all of my paper pieces printed out, and I colored them using colored pencils so I would know which fabrics to use in which position.
 My cut-out colored paper pieces, and my LIST
 and here are all of the fabric pieces to start the sewing!!   I just LOVEEEE the organization part of this quilt!  (I know I am sick)
 Here are all of the finished sewn triangle pieces laid out on the table.   Thank GOD they all fit!!! ;c)
 This is what my floor looks like next to my sewing machine when I am paper piecing ;c)  I just go and snip the excess fabric off using scissors.
The back of the quilt looks cool too.  But now it was time for the hard part - pulling out all the paper!  Here are some photos of me pulling out some of the paper pieces. 

 The finished center/top.  I added some black borders to this to make the quilt rectangular.  I wanted to do some fancy fun feathers to this ;c)
 Here I start the quilting in the black/grey areas, little half feather motif.
 I just loved the way this center pinwheel looked once it was quilting!
Here are all of the finished black/grey areas!
and. . this is a horrible photo,  (i promise I'll get some better ones ASAP) . . but I wanted to get a picture of the colored areas.   I wanted the colored pinwheels to really POP. .  even stick out a little bit. . so I did a very simple motif in this area.  I did a curved sorta outline around each "petal" and then did a curly-Q in the center.  I liked the way it turned out!

In the borders/outer black areas, I did a very tight feather motif.  I actually DON"T like what I did in this area as much. . .BUT. . It is a very dense quilting design.  . . almost TOO dense I think.    I feel that if I made the outer feathers a bit fatter I would have been more satisfied ;c)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

It's a girl!

Just in case you haven't heard the news.   I'm PREGNANT!!  
. . . with my FIRST child. . a girl =c)

My husband and I are blessed beyond measure!  We give God all the Praise and Glory!

Can't wait to meet our new addition - estimated arrival:  September 1st!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Franki's Baby Quilt

I made this quilt for my friend Franki, who is having a baby next month:  "Mia." 
She wanted Pink and Green, so I dug through my pinnk and green scraps.  The piecing for the front and back I kept relatively simple, but I went crazy with the quilting.   my favorite part ;c)

Here is the front and back before sandwiching. 

 I divided the quilt up in diamonds and wanted a 1/2' puffy line between each quilting motif.  In the above photo I had just finished the trapunto for Mia's name, the pebbling in the 1st section, and half the feathers in the 2nd section.
Here I had just finished all the quilting.  

Before trimming and binding.  
Closeup of the quilting. 

 andddd. . front and back finished!

All of the quilting was done with NEW Aurifil polyester longarm thread.  The pastel variegated thread looked perfect against the pink and green fabrics.   . . used in the top AND bobbin.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Slideshow of 2012 Projects!

Here's a slideshow of all the projects I made (excluding garments and dyes) in the year of 2012.

with over 47 projects total, I would say I had a pretty busy year!! I love it and wouldn't want it any other way!

Go to my Flickr set "2012 projects" for a detailed photo of each, and a link to the associated blog post!