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Friday, July 1, 2011

Quick and Easy QAYG Tutorial - INTRO

Yes, it's true! Quilt-As-You-Go can be QUICK and EASY.
Here is a slideshow of past QAYG quilts I have made:

I have decided to divide this tutorial into several parts. I want to be very thorough with this tutorial. Not only will I be showing you the QAYG method, but I will also be showing you a very easy quilt pattern to make.
If you are new to QAYG, I strongly recommend you use this simple charm square pattern for your first attempt at QAYG. There are MANY reasons why this pattern will benefit you as you are learning the technique. ...more about this later. . .

This is very important: Finishing your quilts with this method will NOT give you "quilt show" quality results. There is absolutely NO HAND PIECING at all with MY QAYG method. Everything can be done with your domestic sewing machine. Quilting your quilts with this technique will give you FAST, and EASY results. You could easily finish a bed-sized quilt in a few weekends. Trust that if you follow my instructions properly, you will have a quilt that will withstand years of washing. These are the techniques you use if you want the quilt to be snuggled with and loved for lifetimes.....

This QAYG technique was formed from necessity on my part. I am not a rich person, so I have never been able to afford a longarm service for my large tops. I also love the satisfaction of quilting a quilt from start to finish by yours truly. I absolutely love the look of the intricate quilting the longarm quilters can provide, but it is nearly impossible with a DSM (domestic sewing machine.)

Although this QAYG method is easy, there will still be lots of standing and stretching involved when you get towards the end. SO, the challenge is YOURS if you so choose to accept it!

Click the links below to begin and GOOD LUCK!!

Finished Quilt

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  1. Beautiful Quilt... I am really lovin this QAYG Method. Good Job!