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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Inspiration

This last Sunday evening I tried dying my fabrics in gradated color. This was my inspiration.

Do you see the colors? I know you can barely see them because it is SO nasty outside, but the very left is a dark Red, and to the very right is a very bright yellow with oranges in the middle. It was just breathtaking. This was on Rt 60, coming from Hurricane into Culloden. They were on the right side of the road as you were coming out of the 40mph section into the 55mph. I'll go back and take pics when it gets sunny again, I was just afraid the storm would blow too many of the leaves away before then. = (

I've been tie-dying for quite some time. Just last year or so I learned to incorporate it into my quilting. My banner, at the top of the page is super muslin dyed in a swirl. It was the back of a baby quilt I made for my friend Stacy. Here's the front of the quilt: I used ROYGB Procion MX dyes and did a pinwheel pattern with a coin border. I usually do just simple patterns for the front like the pinwheel and rail fence so the tie dye pattern will still have a chance to show through. Lucky for me the 60s and 70s are making a comeback and everyone loves a good tie-dye. They've been selling quite well.

Now that I've grown a little as a quilter, not much but a little, I've learned to love the look of hand dyes in quilts. I especially love the look of quilts that use the darkest of darks and go to the lightest of lights. The gradient gives amazing depth to the quilt patterns. I was driving home from my hubby's work because it was a beautiful sunny fall day and those trees just caught my eye! I went back to take pics today but it was cloudy and beginning to rain so I apologize about the dullness. Here's the rest of some of SW West Virginia's finest fall colors.


  1. Fall is such a spectacular time of year for colors. Welcome to "bloggie" world.

  2. The pinwheel quilt is perfect for the dyed fabric as the depth of the colours are the same but then still their own shade.

    Design a great day,
    Janet M. Davies - New Zealand