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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Joann's Veteran's Day Sale

*Warm & Natural Queen Size 100% cotton batting $12.99(half off)
*120 long pearl quilter's Pins
*Assorted Cheater Needles (I keep losing mine - I was down to 1)
*Assorted Betweens (my old ones kept breaking in half!! maybe because they were like 50 years old.. lol.. I had to stock up for my Outer Banks travel project
*Schmetz Universal machine needles, 80/12
*200 assorted Safety Pins

All of the notions were buy one get one free AND I was able to use a 40% off one-item coupon as well as a 10% off sale items coupon. I thought I was going to have to charge something.. because I only had $22 in bills and a bunch of change.. well, I had to dig in the change because the total came to $22.98.
Spent $23 and saved $23.

Oh.. and see those white boards underneath my new stuff??? My womderful father went with me to Lowe's to help me pick out wood for Sharon Schamber's method of basting. I have a bunch of tops I want to get quilted this week. The last quilt was not smooth enough for my taste, and I have to try something else. I explained the method to my dad and even let him watch the video's Sharon has on youtube and her website.. but between my dad and me.. we had maybe half a clue.
He did insist on one thing.. and that was that the wood needed to be a good quality so it wouldn't bend or distort. He also insisted that it be finished (sanded and stained/painted.)
I picked up the board today and he had them finished and they are beautiful!! I'm so lucky to have such a handy-dad.

Stay tuned (HA) - I am going to document the progress of basting with boards ala Sharon Schambers. Her video/s are great, but the biggest complaint I hear from quilters is that the quilt she is basting is so small you can't get a good idea of how this method will work with a larger quilt... and also that she uses the same color of dyed fabric to represent the top and back. I have the general idea though, and hopefully we can learn how to use the basting boards together. I Probably won't take any video, but I'll have lots of pictures (as usual,) we'll see.


  1. Always good not to charge but to save half that is WOWZA! And hug your dad from all us quilters. We can relate (pun intended LOL)

  2. I used Sharon's method to baste a baby quilt and now have it partially quilted - so far, so good. I cut the threads as I get to them and just push the ends out of the way. I also went to Lowe's and bought 2 6-footers, already finished. I haven't tried using them on a larger quilt yet but I hope to do so next week. On my next baby quilt I think I may try basting with safety pins. Might save some time, although it really didn't take me as long as I thought it would.

  3. Awesome shopping. Never charge it will get you into trouble. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the nice things you said. Shirley