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Sunday, December 12, 2010


Hello people of blog land. To my few but faithful followers I just wanted to pop in to say hello. I believe today I can say I am fully recovered from the flu. I was so sick all last week, I couldn't even quilt! Yes, usually no matter how sick I am I can still muster up the strength to do something quilt-related. I guess I did read a lot of quilt-y material ie forums, blogs, yahoo lists etc.
My PRE-Christmas TO-DO list: (with now even less time to spare after the wasted sick week)
1) Megan's Quilt - a commissioned project (shh no telling till it's complete ; )
2) Grey Study Quilt #2 - Finish FMQing, Bind, Wash, and Label
3) Grey Study Quilt #3 - Baste, Quilt, Bind, Wash, and Label
4) Grey Study Quilt #1 - Wash, and Label
5) Harmony Quilt - Backing, Batting, Sandwich, Quilt, Bind, Wash, Label
6) Country Christmas - ( Row-by-Row quilt) Decorate, Hanging Sleeve, and Label.

Well, that's it! and about what.. 12 days to get'r'done? geezer.

I have no quilt photos to update you with, so I"ll leave ya with this. (I'm a visual person.. I also like lots of parenthesis lol)

... Remember Jaime's Quilt? Well the lil dear went and sent me a thank-you gift. I got it in the mail a couple days ago. and boy did it lift my sickly spirits! 3 GORGEOUS knitted boggins and an adorable little purse. Her and her husband sell their wares and they are soooo beautiful and such good quality.
I think DH and I look rather precious in them wouldn't ya think? = D toot toot!


  1. Do you care to share their store addy? my DGD is really into these hats. I'd like to take a peak and actually have a little $$ left in the Christmas budget. LOL

  2. Katie, the photo of you and your DH is great. It's good to see a fellow Fat Cater.


  3. Anyone who is interested in The McCumber's yarnwork can reach them at
    They don't have a website, but they do have a facebook where you can see photos of all of their wares.!/jaimemccumbers