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Sunday, April 10, 2011

IQF slideshow

A slideshow of photos from our recent trip to Cincinnati for the International Quilt Festival. Please accept my apology ahead of time for the fuzzy photos. My camera aint what it used to be. =c(

This will have been my first big quilt show - I am POOPED~! It was a sensory overload for me. One word to describe how I felt = OVERWHELMED! So much to see and do. I learned so much from the vendors...and experienced inspiration to last me till next year!
I found myself speed walking/racing to see everything in one day. I went so fast that by the 9th hour I was limping. .. LOL. . . and although I was carrying about 6 full bags, at least my wallet was less heavy!! hahaha
Next year, I want to go and get a hotel, spend 3 days, take some classes, listen to some lectures, take my time, enjoy some of the city, and get some rest each night!


  1. Awesome! Thanks! You sure took a lot of pictures!

  2. Thanks! What wonderful quilts. You are so lucky to be able to see them in person.

  3. Wow!! I've gone through your slide show three times already. You've assembled a fabulous sampling of the different quilt genres from the show. Really, really enjoyed this, Katie. I posted a couple of you on my blog - hope you don't mind! Thanks so much for sharing all these wonderful pictures and letting us see what you saw. I am so appreciative you took photos of my quilt; it was a real kindness.

  4. Yes there is nothing like being able to see the quilts in person. I was so tired on the drive home, every time I blinked I saw quilts. . LOL
    And no, I wasn't taking any psychedelic drugs.
    Karen - you can absolutely use whatever you want. I took the photos to share! I'm going to try to go back and label some of them sometime today.