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Thursday, June 16, 2011


I want EVERYONE to go check out my friend, J Rachel Besnard's blog RIGHT NOW!!! =cD

A little bit about Jonua ~
Jonua and I were friends when we were both children, and we are now reconnecting as adults. She is one of the most amazingly creative people I know. Jonua makes GORGEOUS jewelry. When you see it I just know you'll agree - her pieces are so intricate and just stunning. She has an amazing eye for color and design and utilizes that gift when making her beautiful pieces of jewelry.
Jonua lived very close to me, in a small town in West Virginia, until she found the love of her life, got married, and moved to Paris. Yes, her husband is French!

So go check out her stuff right now at her ArtFire Store:

When you're done with that, make sure to go to her BLOG, "follow" her, so you'll be entered into the giveaway drawing.

Again, click HERE to go to her BLOG!!!

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  1. You are as awesome as the day is long! Thanks so much for posting this blog for my giveaway!