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Saturday, December 10, 2011


I have been super duper busy this month. . but I would like to take just a moment and share my latest two quilts. Both of these are memory quilts. The colorful ROYGBV one was for a lady I met through etsy. The photos were 4" x 6" with feather quilting in the colored "framed" areas.

The civil war colored one was for my mom's secret sister at church. The photos in this one are 1.75" finished. In the blocks I used CW strips from a swap I participated in on quiltville. My mom picked out two coordinating strips to use for each block. I cut the strips to 2.25" for the "X"s and the background areas I had to use the companion angle ruler.
The borders were a civil war print we got from WV Quilts in Barboursville, WV and I quilted a large feather in the border FREE HAND. ;c) so I'm very proud of myself for those feathers ;c)

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  1. Both quilts are awesome, Katie! Be very proud of those feathers, they are terrific!