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Saturday, December 8, 2012

My fabric challenge quilt

I won "Best Quilting" in our local guild's fabric challenge.  It's kind of like the Hoffman challenge, but we are given "ugly" fabrics. . or hard-to-pair fabrics, and everyone is to make a quilt.
The winning categories are:
Best Quilting,
Most unique use of fabric.
Best use of color.
Best MIXED technique and
People's Choice.

I wish I would have got a photo of everyone's projects, but I didn't =c/

But here's mine!!

The block I used for this quilt is from the book "50 paper pieced stars" by Carol Doak.  This block is ALABAMA. .   I just chose it because it looked the easiest. and I had a very limited time to complete this project.  The very center of the 8-point stars is the first fabric in the challenge.  The other fabric we were required to use is the fabric I used on the borders.   We were given a fat quarter of each fabric.  I used EVERY LITTLE PIECE of the fat quarter for the borders for this quilt.   I mean there was not a speck of it left!
I quilted the outer borders with burgundy thread in a feather pattern.   The black areas I did my version of McTing, and I outline quilted the stars.
This was the first sorta contest I have participated in, it was fun to see what everyone came up with!

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  1. Katie, that is beautiful. I just wanted to let you know that your blog inspired me to recently take up quilting. I am having such a great time that I have to force myself to stop and go to sleep at night, even though I know I have long day ahead of me at the office and at home as the mother of two twin girls, almost 4 years old. Right now, I'm working on a crown royal quilt for my Dad and I plan to make 2 keepsake blankets with old baby clothes for my daughters. I've made great new friends with the owner of a local quilting shop and this new hobby has strengthened my relationship with my mother, who taught me many crafts when I was a kid. Since I decided to start quilting, I've had two of her old sewing machines refurbished and we're already planning new projects. Thank you for the inspiration.