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Thursday, August 28, 2014

What? Another Crown Royal Quilt Finished?

Why yes!!  Yes TIS true!  And this one is just as good if not better than the rest, if I do say so myself.
 I love taking a photo of all of my pieces after they are freshly pressed and cut!  To me, it's very much like a puzzle.  Soon they will all fit together precisely to make a beautiful quilt!
 anddd we have a completed TOP!   One lone black bag for this quilt - it is the shining star in the middle!
 Quilt top being basted and ready to quilt!
 And here we have our finished quilt.  The one big difference on this particular crown royal quilt, is that I stitched a name on the bottom right-hand corner in matching thick gold thread.   I used a wide zig-zag stitch and my darning foot for  hand-guided machine embroidery.  My lovely customer chose the font and size.  If she is reading this - THANK YOU for your patience with me, and helping me decide on the size and font ;c)  I am verrryyyy indecisive!

Again, I have this pattern for sale as a downloadable PDF on etsy


  1. I just love this pattern! I have soooo many bags saved . I need to try this soon!

  2. Do you have this pattern available for purchase?

  3. This pattern can be downloaded from CRAFTSY -