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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Wedding Signature Quilt

 The Cabell's decided to have their guests sign fabric instead of a guest book. 
 I am honored that they chose me to make their wedding quilt!   

 For the quilting in the white open areas, I chose a version of paisleys but with hearts.  
 Here is the quilt after all the quilting is finished, before binding

 And what an absolutely PERFECT day (and time) for photographing this quilt!   Right before sunset!
 I added some FF Triangles to the back of the quilt for hanging.   I feel like the triangles don't add the bulk like a sleeve does.   But the triangles are only strong enough if the quilt doesn't weigh too much.
 Aren't the shadows spectacular?!  

 Here's a closeup of one of the signature blocks.   I did the same thing for MY wedding. . . hopefully I will make mine by the time our 10th anniversary rolls around ;c)  

some more closeups. 

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