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Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Couple Finishes

This Quilt is from the book "3D Folded Blocks." Please forgive me for what I'm about to say... Okay, the premise of this book seemed interesting. I really like the look of pleats and folds in quilts and thought this would be a really neat idea. BUT, it's not much like quilting at all. Also, there are several errors in the book. Errors that I noticed right away and would seem like a glance from an editor would notice. ANYWHO, if you like the look of quilting, but don't really like all the piecing.. give this a try.... you might like it. Just make sure to read all the instructions for each block/quilt to the end... and maybe make your OWN chart.. because many times one part of the instructions will say you need 2 of one piece, when you really need 4 or vice versa. Oh, and I would definitely recommend getting a walking foot if you have one.. and some extra needles. I would use a leather or at least a denim needle .. and use some cheap ones because I kept breaking my good ones. On a good note.. you are able to use up a lot of stash with these blocks. IF you make a whole bunch of them... the blocks aren't very large. I think I would like it if the finished block size was a bit larger.. but then you might have to stitch in the middle of the blocks to hold them together.. thus leading to more broken needles. Remember guys, this is just ONE person's opinion. This is a very new and interesting technique and YOU might like it! This little sampler turned out cute didn't it?! =cD

2nd ~
My sister got me a pack of charm packs from "Me and My Sister" Designs. = D Me and my sister!!!
So, I sewed up this little quilt measuring 60 x 60 and was able to use up all the charms in the quilt. Isn't it adorable?! I pieced, quilted, and bound this in the last 3 days.

Close-up of the back (3 leftover charms)

Front -

Back -

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