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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Birthday

Today I'm celebrating my 2nd 29th birthday. I decided I would spend a bit of my DH's money at my LQS Phyllis's Quilt Shop . I then went up to my DH's work to show him what he bought me for my birthday! (LOL) I love him so much. He is always so supportive and even though I think he could not care less about quilting, fabric, and notions.. he always acts excited with me, and tells me everything I make is beautiful. I truly feel God designed him just for me and I'm very VERY lucky to have him in my life. :c)

Right now I am finishing up two reversible tote bags from this FREE pattern. I've already made two of them (for some reason these totes just work out in TWOs) and the pattern is very easy and the instructions are pretty clear. The pattern calls for 2 yards of fabric but I also like to use 1/2 yard cuts and that way you can get a little more contrast with the straps and pockets.

This time around I'm using an absolutely gorgeous line of fabrics by Amy Butler called Daisy Chain that I got LAST year for Christmas. This pattern doesn't call for zippers or buttons, but uses sew-in velcro .. which I CAN HANDLE!! ; )

Once I finish this project up I'm going to start on my new project -Erin Russek's Floribunda BOM. Oh and BTW, She is offering all the blocks to this BOM except the center piece for free but only this week. You can purchase the center piece, called Miss Hannah, from her etsy shop.

I know this BOM is ending.. and I'm just starting it.. but that's the way I roll. More than 3 projects at once really clutters up my work space, which is my living room in the winter. So I like to wait until the whole BOM ends, then I can start it and go at my own pace. Does anyone else work like this???

I hope Erin doesn't get mad at me for doing this - but just to give myself an idea of what the layout will look like I opened up her final layout in Paint and added my color choices for borders and sashing.

Since I used paint, it wouldn't let me fully color the background blocks the beige-y/cream color I wanted to use. But you get the idea I think. ~OR~ I'm debating on going with her 2nd colorway and use the brown as the background for the applique but still use the gradated color scheme for the appliques. Erin really is such an amazing designer and I'm really excited for her next BOM as well!!!

So here's the stuff DH bought me for my birthday today (unknowingly lol)

My mom's husband gave me a Joann's giftcard for Christmas so I got the batting that was half off, and the fusible which I used a half-off coupon. Also some velcro for my bags.
Then on the left is the beautiful fabric I got at Phyllis's. PHyllis was there and she is so knowledgeable, friendly, and oh so helpful!! See all those 1/4yrd cuts of neutrals were only $1!!! Then the dark brown is for the Floribunda BOM. The cream above that is for the BOM as well.
So far the dreaded 2nd 29th birthday has been a good one. But your days are what you make of them right?! We Quilters sure do know how to have a good time!! = D

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