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Thursday, February 3, 2011

A couple small projects finished

1. I made this little wall quilt for my mom. She wanted a long and thin quilted wall hanging with something like a fern or foliage on it. She requested that it be done in neutrals and browns but with just a touch of red. This is how I interpreted that. I wanted to try to do like a photo negative effect. So you can see the shadows are actually the lightest part of the quilt. One of the main reasons I was motivated to start and finish this so quickly is that I wanted to practice the quilting style "McTavishing." It's actually not a super hard design, but I wish I would have outlined around the leaves instead of trying to mctavish around them. McTavishing is a style of quilting that probably should be done in a larger area, such as borders. Well here it is for what its worth:

2. My friend Jaime wanted some pillows to match her wall hanging I had previously made for her. She requested a star and she showed me an example that was made from 1800s-style fabrics. I decided to do a sawtooth star block and used all the 1800/civil war repros I Had in my stash. This was such a relatively simple project but I think they turned out so good! Yes I ran into some issues . .but the back was more difficult than the front. Here they are I think they're just adorable!

One more thing. . I'm finished quilting all the small blocks for my Floribunda BOM. Here's a front and back shot of one of the blocks. . .

I am doing a scrappy back for this quilt. All different purples/plums/violets of all different shades, but I'm using all the same pink-ish thread. ; )


  1. You have been very busy and productive! I love the quilt you made for your mom and friend. You quite know your way around machinequilting. Can't wait to see your florabunda finished, so i will wait impatiently *grin*