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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tee shirt Quilt/s

Right now I'm finishing up two tee-shirt quilts. The first, for my dear sweet husband for his birthday. This man has collected so many grateful dead shirts over the years and he has definitely got his money's worth out of them. They're stained, stretched, hole-y, and FABULOUS! I have all but two "blocks" quilted on his quilt and still need to bind it . . More on his quilt later....

I put DH's quilt on hold because my dear sweet friend from high school Julie requested a tee shirt quilt made of all her husband's old shirts. They were in excellent, like-new condition. . compared to my husband's shirts. . I could barely tell they have been worn! They were in such good condition in fact, that I was able to use the back of all the tee shirts for the backing.
The style of tee shirt quilt she chose is what I refer to as a "tetris" style tee shirt quilt. Instead of the usual blocked quilt with the posibility of sashing, the main logos or screenprints of the shirts are cut-out and arranged in a haphazard fashion. If you haven't made a quilt like thsi . . it's actually interesting. It brings an element of puzzle-ish fun into the mix. I really dig it!
Here's a shot of the front and back.

If anyone would like for me to make a tee shirt quilt for you. Feel free to contact me at For a 64" x 84" quilt, or big enough to cover just the top of a queen sized bed, I charge $150.

As soon as I get this quilt of my husband's complete (should be tomorrow) I"ll be sure to share some photos.

Okay Okay, better late than never. ;c) Here's the photos of the front and back of my husband's grateful dead tee-shirt quilt. I quilted it with big loop-d-loops with my free-motion foot. The back is just some colorful "trippy" fabrics that were in my stash. I also tied the corners with some thick variegrated yarn.


  1. I made one using Boone's t's for his son for Christmas. I used red and black sashing.

    Happy Valentine's Day!!

  2. I just found your blog through Cyberquilters you are quite the ambitious quilter love your BOM`s and your finishes too. Can you zap some of that energy my way??
    Your DH is right your quilts are beautiful!!

  3. Hi Katie
    I would love to follow your blog- but the service is unavailable?
    You are so smart! And I love to hear some one appreciate her husband!

  4. Marié - HAHA - thanks so much LOL. I'm not sure why it would say "service unavailable" PRobably blogger/google being wierd. If it doesn't work after a couple tries, I would try refreshing the screen, and make sure you're logged in to blogger or google when you're trying to follow. CHEERS!

  5. I just found your blog and I love it. My ex-sil has asked that I make him a Tshirt quilt (he is also a Grateful Dead fan).

    I am encouraged to see your Tshirt quilt; it looks great. How do you quilt the Tshirts? I have not received the Tshirts yet so I have no idea what this will look like.

    TY for the inspiration.

  6. Jocelyne - The grateful Dead tee shirt quilt I quilted as a whole. But, I kind of wish I would have quilted it QAYG like I did the other tee-shirt quilt. It's a lot to squeeze through a DSM.
    Since the tee-shirts are stretchy and there's so much bulk, I recommend just an all-over free-motion meander. If you don't do free-motion quilting, you could do straight lines across with a walking foot, or a cross-hatching would look good too. If you need any help feel free to email me!