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Friday, March 18, 2011


Please head on over to SEWCALGAL's blog and cast your votes!

Vote by commenting on the blog post. You can't vote for the same person for multiple categories. i.e, I had to only choose Bonnie Hunter ONCE ; ) but I think Bonnie, by far wins for best teacher. There is noone who goes to such great lengths to teach, and to ensure we understand. Her books are amazing, but with her free mysteries she goes above and beyond the call of duty there. Each mystery tries to teach a new skill, and even though it's FREE, she listens, and answers questions. It just never fails to amaze me. This is not to say that she is the only good teacher on the list. All of them are amazing, and I know this will be a close race.
For Best Designer I chose Erin Russek. . just because I am a big fan of applique and have made some gorgeous stuff from her designs. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Carol Doak and if there were a separate category for piecing, applique, and paper-piecing (i think there should be) she would of course, win for paper piecing. She is definitely the queen bee in that department. As for designers. . . where is Sindy Rodenmayer From FATCATPATTERNS.COM??? I definitely think she should have been nominated.

For best longarm quilter. . . my hero Jessica Jones is on the list. Seriously have you seen her work?! Before you make your decision and cast your vote, PLEASE take a look at her Custom Quilting GALLERY.



  1. Hi Katie,
    I'm blog hopping to try to verify all the information for my blog giveaway. I expanded your blog list as far as it would go, but I still couldn't find my blog. Am I missing something? As it stands you have 6 chances without the blog list. Let me know where/how to find the blog list with my blog in it if you want the remaining 4 chances.

    Thanks so much,
    Susan in Texas

    BTW Your purple Floribunda BOM quilt is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!

  2. Congratulations, Katie!

    You won third prize on my blog giveaway at - Timeless Treasures, "Tonga Treats - Hard Candy"

    You have until April 1st to send your snail mail address to or the prize will be reassigned.

    Susan in Texas