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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Busy Bee!!

Well I have been a busy little bee ~ Craft-i-ly speaking that is. ; )
Yesterday I spent the whole day dyeing. . it looks like a rainbow threw up on my apartment, AND ME! No matter how hard I try, and how many gloves I wear, I still get dye all over me. But it's alllll worth it! This dyeing session I'm concentrating on 4 step gradations. I've done 6 and even 8 steps and I always feel like there's too much "mud" in the middle... or rather too many steps that look similar. I want a clear difference between each gradation ya know?
I used a technique from dyeing101's blog. I started out with my dye concentrates, and then I measured in to 4 plastic bags...
A=4T dye concentrate
B=2T dye concentrate
C=2t dye concentrate
D= 3T dye concentrate + 1/4t black dye concentrate
I used jacquard dyes in Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Olive, and Raspberry, and Brown. The black I used was "jet black" and it did amazing things when added to my base colors. I think next time I'll take this step a bit further by adding extra black therefore deepening the colors as opposed to lightening them. Some colors, like RED/Fuschia only go so deep! I like my colors DEEP and dark. . earthy ya know? So we'll see how this turns out, I'll be rinsing them out as the week progresses. I only do a couple batches per night, because it really wears out your wrists and arms, leaning over the sink or the bathtub.

Another fun thing - I recently opened my etsy shop back up! YAY! Momma needs some cash, and I had a pile of quilt-y stuff back on my "clean sheet" bed ready to do something with. I re-opened up my shop with these items and I'm selling them for CHEAP! I also plan on listing a custom tee-shirt and memory quilt.

About a week ago I finished a baby quilt for my friend Maggie who is expecting her baby girl VERY soon... I used Aunt Jane fabrics and white .. and quilted it to death and also added some Trapunto'd hearts in the center of the log-cabin blocks. This quilt also features Prairie points. This was the first time I have ever done Trapunto OR Prairie points. I think it turned out SOOO cute! I can just see a baby chewing on those. . sooo adorable! Here's a photo of it:

Next I'm starting on a tote for my friend Jaime McCumbers, who's etsy shop is on the side bar --> You can view her etsy shop by clicking mine and DH's photo wearing her crocheted hats. She wants a tote in Navy and Kelly Green (Marshall University Green) with a big Daisy on it. I have all the fabric picked out and will probably start that later today.
Another project I'm getting started on is a spring dress for my friend Heather P. Her birthday is coming up and she wants a cute spring dress. We went to Joann's together Friday, and she picked out a fabulous grey jersey knit with white skulls on it. I'm going to line it with a pink satin-y fabric. I'm puting on two outside pockets and and attaching some cute pink ceramic buttons. She's just now getting into roller derby and I think she'll be ADORABLe in this little number. . . IF, and ONLY IF, I can pull it off. I've only made a couple things with store-bought patterns and have the worst trouble with them. I'll be counting on all of you to help me out if I have any questions. =cD

Hints? Tips? PLEASE Contact me now! haha.
Well I'll check back in later. .

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  1. You did a wonderful job on your Floribunda quilt, congratulations!

    Before you cut out your fabric, make SURE that the size is correct! Do NOT go by the size she wears a the store!!! Use the measurements on the pattern envelope, or you will be sorry! Have fun; you will do a lovely job and the dress will be treasured.