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Monday, November 7, 2011

Minky is the Devil!!!

Okay, so maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit but it sure feels like Minky is out to get me!! LOL
For the last couple weeks I have been working with Minky. There is no point in trying to clean it up because the mess just keeps making babies and accumulating all over the place!!!

So my friend has commissioned me to make her two quilts that utilized her grandmothers old house robes. There are 3 robes that are made out of a print fleece. She and I mapped out a design and I graphed it out and we ordered complimentary fabrics to go with it.

I'll admit that before I started these fleece projects I've never felt quality fleece before. It's definitely that fabric that just says "KEEP TOUCHING ME" LOL. But it is a BITCH to sew! So some of the fabrics ordered were Minky, and I'm telling you it is EVERYWHERE!!!

Since fleece is stretchy, I decided to use Freezer Paper to keep its shape while I worked. I cut out the pieces of freezer paper based on my graph (1block=1inch) then ironed it to the back of the fabric. I then cut out 1/2" seam allowance around the fabrics with my rotary cutter.

Now, as you can see. . . as you cut out the MINKY, it leaves this residue in the grooves of my cutting mat!! This stuff is VERY DIFFICULT to get out - but what I found did the best was just taking a scrap piece of cotton fabric and rubbing it off.

This WAD of fluff is just the stuff I pulled out of the cutting mat from JUST the CREAM minky. . LOL

I sewed them all together. . . the freezer paper really helped. I did have a bit of trouble squeezing the seam allowances through the machine. ..AND it's almost impossible to match the seams perfectly ;c) But since I"m a brilliant genius. . We are going to FINISH these quilts and they are going to be amazing. I'll keep ya posted!

Click HERE to see finished quilt!


  1. I had planned on backing a quilt with Minky, and really wanted to hand quilt it, but wonder if that is just impossible....what do you think? I've never worked with Minky before.....maybe I just ought to tie quilt it.

  2. I think you could hand quilt it, OR machine quilt it Becky. I quilted this with a medium-sized free-motion stipple. I've never hand quilted anything so I don't know how different the Minky would be for that.

  3. Dear Katie,
    I have observed children make believe with their minky blankets. Well worth the effort! I decided to cut mine with scissors. I noticed with the lighter monkey minky that it was jamming under the throat plate so I made the dimple minky the one under the walking foot. But now I have a rose swirl so will see what happens! Great idea about the freezer paper. If you don't have freezer paper would tissue paper hold it. I once made a velvet dress that way and the seams did not slip!
    Thanks and a have a great day!

  4. The reason that freezer paper works so well is because you IRON it to the minky/fleece and it STICKS as you sew. . then you can pull it off and discard it (or reuse it.) It's also very thick which keeps it from stretching. Tissue paper won't work with this project!

    The only other alternative would be maybe iron-on fusible stabilizer! Get a woven or NON-knit stabilizer, which will stay attached to the fleece as you layer and finish your quilt.

    About cutting with scissors. . . When making quilts, you need a very precise seam allowance. For minky/fleece it should be 1/2" throughout. The only way to get an accurate seam allowance is to cut with a rotary cutter and mat. templates and scissors aren't going to "cut it" with minky/fleece! Sorry about the pun ;c)

    With "blankets," (one layer only and not quilted) there's more wiggle room. . but we don't make blankets here. . ONLY QUILTS! =cD

  5. I have been sewing with minky (now cuddle) since 2005 and have learned not all minky is created equal! Altho it has come a long way and improved handling over the years. I have 7 grandkids and everyone has a good size "welcome" minky quilt made up of 5 inch squares and a border of chenille. That is even messier than minky. But they are beautiful quilts. Its not my favorite fabric but everybody wants one. A daughter asks me to make one she can give as shower gifts. Anyway now my grown kids are requesting minky quilts. I just made a chicago bears quilt 5' by 6' in size for my son in law. I have made them with batting by request. And they are very warm snuggling on the couch. I have been sewing for over 30 years and am always a learn as you go. I have had my baby minky quilts quilted and they show pattern beautifully on a solid back. I have quilt tied and they are nice and stitched in a ditch on my bears quilt. I have worked with the rose soft minly, little ones love it but the rose pattern does wash out. Now I am trying to applique with minky on minky. Its a little tricky. I have not yet tried a stabilizer, I need to. I will have to get help putting pictures on here to show. I may not always sew correctly {like I still do not know how to use a walking foot, I hear its easy, but I always get how I want it, I go a bit slower and I must admit it always looks good. Chrissy sews.