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Monday, April 23, 2012

Anne M Smith Mystery Quilt Done - Civil War Strip Swap

Finally got this quilt finished! The center of this quilt was a mystery pattern by Ann M Smith from fabricaholicsanonymous yahoo group. This was a booger to get together. The corner triangles, I now know, are NOT my cup of tea. ;c) You have to be very precise with your cutting and piecing. And although I consider myself very precise, I might have tried to take a few shortcuts with this quilt that did NOT work out in my favor ;c)

Now, ALL of the fabric used for the center of this quilt is from 2.5" swaps from quiltvilleswap yahoo group. The background fabrics were from a light neutral swap and the colored fabrics were from a Civil War reproduction swap. I LOVED having all the yummy fabrics and variety for this quilt! Thank you so much swappers!!!!!
I think I chose the 2nd to largest size option, and the strips I had on hand were perfect for this size quilt.
I also had some beautiful burgundy fabric leftover from another quilt and used that for the borders. The backing was an Xtra wide brown fabric I purchased from Joanns during their after-Thanksgiving sale.

I quilted the center of this quilt all using my new Juki longarm machine. The tension is allll out of whack on the back of it, but luckily, I used matching color thread. For the borders I used my old trusty Janome machine and the tension was spot on. It allowed me to get a wee bit more fancy with the quilting so I did a undulating feather design. (i think thats what that is called.)

So this last few days I have been sick as a dog. . . but somehow I pushed through and finished this quilt. So any mistakes I made were on my OWN quilt, not a customers LOL

Photo of me working on the feathers - here I have HALF a feather done.
Top view

Next I'm working on a beach-themed Mother's Day Quilt. It will be similar to the Pink and Grey Baby quilt but made using aqua and sand colors.


  1. Priceless! I just love those Civil War fabrics and the pattern is really pretty. As for the quilting it is completely awesome!

  2. I love your mystery quilt! It is my favorite one so far!
    I don't love mine...the contrast of the fabrics didn't work out like I had hoped.
    Oh and learn!

  3. Was this the New Year's Eve 2011 Mystery Quilt? I have a quilt and I am not sure if it is this one but I THINK it is!!!!