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Saturday, July 14, 2012

1940?s Antique Crazy Quilt

 My friend Sherry brought over this beautiful antique quilt to show me just the other day.  It's "crazy"-style and in uniform blocks.  The quilt is tied, and looks like it uses old garments, alot of wool. The backing looks like feedsack fabrics!

 Names of her kids.
 Look at the beautiful hand-embroidery.

 Some of the fabrics had  a beautifully unique texture.
 Sherry particularly loved the circle blocks.  I can see the quiltmaker using her dishes or serving platter for the circle templates.

 Here is the back and what looks to be feedsack fabric!!
 The whole backing was this feedsack-looking fabric, but it looks like she ran out on just the one side.  She added a strip of this squared fabric to complete the backing.
 Trying to get a closeup photo of the texture of this backing fabric.  Can anyone tell if it's feedsack or not?!
Here it shows that one side and the square fabric.

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