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Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Dyes - amazing results!

The 2nd Annual Katie's Quilts and Crafts TIE DYE PARTY was a success!!
We use only the highest quality dyes, and do our dyeing the "professional" way, complete with all the high-tech chemicals and whatnot ;c)

In the past I have always used dharma, or  Jacquard procion mx dyes, this is the first time trying the "Grateful Dyes."  I am now a FAN!  This is certainly the best dye session I have ever had.  They are SO bright, and the wait time is much shorter.
Here's some photos:

Here's my package from GRATEFUL DYES!!   Pretty ROYGBV
 Me mixing up the chemical water - soda solution.

All the girls busy making their tie-dyes.
 Heather and Lauren, happy in their colorful mess ;c)
 I find it best to lay down some plastic (a garbage bag ripped open) then lay down a towel, and then do your dyeing on top of that.  The towel will soak up the excess dyes, so your garment doesn't get muddy.  I happen to LOVE my tie-dyed towels and use them daily ;c)
 I use an old drawer to nothing for my dyes
 Washing your dyes in the washer. .  the water is black ;c)
 Some tie-dyed cookies for the party!
 some finished tie-dyes hanging on the line.
 Tiffany and her awesome tie-dyed shirt!
 Amy and her amazing tie-dyed pillowcase!
 Yes she did!  Amy dyed some shoes!
 Another of Amy's tie-dyed pillowcases.
 Baby Miles got a few tie-dyed garments . . awww

 Amy's tie-dyed shirt!
 These next few are Sarah-Elaines tie-dyes:

 And these next ones are Ang's tie-dyes:

Next up:  I cannot WAIT to use these awesome dyes to dye myself some new QUILTING FABRIC!!  
Stay tuned!!


  1. These are great Katie!!! Hope to see you tomorrow evening at Putnam Piecemakers!!! Barbra

  2. Holy Carp! What beautiful results! You are a master dyer now for sure, because those look better than what they sell at the malls. You should be so very proud of yourself!

  3. I have never made anything tie-dyed, but it looks like so much fun. I love the baby onesies!