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Monday, January 5, 2015

Baby Joey's clothing quilt.

I've been making quilts for Beth and her family for awhile now.   The quilt I made for her 1st son, HERE, was the very first baby clothes quilt I had ever made.   I enjoy these quilts with all the small pieces so much - I'm forever grateful to Beth for getting this started for me.
Here is the quilt for her 2nd son Joey.  Both quilts are twin size.  This is all of the articles of clothing laid out before graphing.

And the finished quilt!  

 I rushed to get a pic of this quilt outside, and it was right as the sun was setting.   We only had a couple horus of sunshine in the whole month of December so I took what I could get! ;c)

and a peek at the back!

To order your own custom T-quilt or quilt made of baby clothes - please email me at

Here is my price list 

Here is the photo album of all of my past T-quilts.  

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