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Monday, January 5, 2015

New Baby Clothes Quilt!

 This might be my favorite baby clothes quilt yet!   Just look at all of the details and fun stuff that is included.  There are 3D elements such as butterflies with moveable wings.  There are several bibs that seem to jump off the quilt, and even a santa hat.  The Disney costumes/dresses/tutus were cut using the skirts left full. So that the skirt area could flow freely or be moved by your hand.
I added a soft little bootie, kept all of the buttons and original areas that I possibly could, There's even a HAIRBOW.  And to top it all off, I embroidered the name in the center with a pretty curly font!

a photo of the completed quilt TOP 

. . . andddd the finished quilt! 
 a peek at the back!

If you would like to order your own custom T-quilt made of baby clothes.  Please email me at

Here is my price list 

Here is the photo album that contains all of my previous T-quilts.  

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