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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Allison's T-shirt Quilt

This Quilt was a Big'N!  

I don't often make Quilts this large. . . . simply because it just takes SOO long to make a bed-sized quilt.

   But on the rare chances that I DO get the opportunity to go. . . BIG. . .  they always turn out ......Amazing.   

  Thanks to Allison, and her mom, Mary Beth, for a super fun and inspirational project.  

And Congratulations to the new Graduate!  

I had to put this quilt sideways on my fence to get a full photo!  
 Here I am starting the project -  Just in the beginning stages -  T-shirt quilts are like a puzzle.  
 Finally I have everything situated and fitting together snugly -  ahhh. . it makes my little OCD heart go pitter patter!  ;c) 
 The first photo of the completed flimsy *quilt top! 
 Here I am trying to take some photos of the BACK of the quilt - and we have some visiting ORBS
 love all the cool orbs in these photos. . .   Yes I cleaned my lens afterwards ;c) 
 And here is our completed quilt  - front views.  

 I just love the way this turned out.    It is always so lovely to meet new people and get a glimpse into their lives via their T-shirts.   <3 nbsp="" p="">
 After I was finished with this one - I felt like this -  tee hee LOL

If you are interested in having a custom T-shirt Quilt created, please contact me:
Katie Wiseman   (price list and info here)


  1. Awesome quilt. I just bought some backing for the tshirts so they won't stretch. That will be my next project. Well it's 3rd in line of what I have going on right now. LOL
    I really like how it turned out and the fact you laid it out like a puzzle.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful quilt! Thanks for sharing! I love tee shirt quilts; each is unique! You nailed it indeed!