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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bloomin' 9 Patch TOP FINISHED

YAY me! I've been hurrying to finish this but fearful because I knew once it was finished I had to worry about stuffing it in my little sewing machine = ( I have to get it finished by Xmas so NO hand quilting. Should I tie this? Yeah right.

I'm still wishing I would have used a bigger floral pattern for the green fabric but can't dwell on the shoulda coulda wouldas especially in quilting.

I'm going to put this aside for awhile because I'm dying to use my two new fresh rotary blades to organize my scraps. I'm going to seperate them by color WITHIN my bags by squares/strips and size. And no this will NOT become a UFO because I have plans to have this quilted and gifted to my M and FIL by XMAS.

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  1. Another beauty for sure. Have you tried Sharon Schamber's board method for basting? I have been using it and liking it, although I'm limited by my 6 foot table.