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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Charity Quilts

I just found out that you can find in almost any/every state in the USA plus just about every country, there are groups of lovely ladies who quilt for Charity. I have a bunch of UFOs that I will never finish and like most people, feel terrible guilt when starting a new project. Well with ladies like these who love and give their time for fire victims, cancer patients and the poor and homeless, I have a good home to put my quilt tops and blocks and know they'll be taken care of. What's even more wonderful, is that my quilting is not that wonderful, so my tops can go to someone with excellent quilting, unlike my simple in-the-ditch quilting.

My UFOs consist of a bloomin 9 patch, a half-square triangle quilt, a mystery quilt called "do what's right" and a baby bargello that IMHO is too long. I also have 2 Trip around the worlds. One has wierd dark splatters on the solid border. My plan was to take some tea dye or regular procion mx dye in a neutral dark and splatter it around the borders so it would mix in. The splatter is not THAT noticeable, but it is noticeable nonetheless. I'm pretty sure its from the rain from my leaky roof. I have about 7 buckets that are permenantly in place that catch the leakage, but there are still mystery splatters hitherandthither. The on TATW was the only one outside of a plastic container.

My sewing machine broke 2x yesterday UGH!!! I sure hope santa brings me a sewing machine. (Not happening) Trying to get a job so I can save up to get one. I would love a sewing machine with a walking foot, the ability to drop the feed dogs. A built in walking foot would be the ultimate dream though. = D

If anyone would like any information on where to send quilts, I have several addresses. I can contact the ladies and see if they would like your tops/blocks. I'm sure they will. There will always be quiltless people, unfortunately.

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