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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Joseph's Coat Quilt along @Don't Look Now

*****Click Title to link to Don't Look Now's Joseph's Coat Tutorial main page!!!*****

I'm just now getting my pictures posted from the quilt along, but here's how far I am: I drafted the design and cut out a template and I THINK I've picked out my fabric. She calls for at least 12 different ones I'm at 19 right now, trying to stick with reproductions.
I am trying to be as frugal as possible since I'm pretty much poor. = D I did not use paper as suggested but thick poster board to draft the templates. Posterboard was big enough to draft a few "blocks" on one board. I then just cut out a couple templates from the poster board.

This was interesting for me because honestly I cannot remember the last time I used a compass!! How neat to use those old grade school tools in quilting. This is going to be a BIG learning experience for me because I have never used templates in quilting, nor have I ever done applique, used fusabile anything OR quilted by hand. WOW, what a whammy to learn all these skills all at once!!! Thanks Kellie!!!


  1. You may want to be careful with the poster board templates. They seem to get worn around the edges from running your pencil around them and can actually change (shrink) over time and with continuous use. Template plastic is best but I have also used a plastic lid from a margarine container to cut a template out of. At least that won't wear down. Good luck with your project! I am still deciding if I am going to join in or not.. lol

  2. Oh that's a great idea.. (plastic lid)
    I've already cut out 12 of the stitch-witch material but I've got plenty of country crock bowls to use = )