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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bridge Day Camping Facebook Itinerary

*WV Bridge Day Festival 2010 Itinerary*

10.15.2010- Friday:

5pm - ??? ***********Arrive and Set-up Camp (Cantrell Ultimate Rafting)*see below for more Campground info

********************Campfire Dinner
********************Songs by the fire

10.16.2010- Saturday:
8am - 9am: *********Wake up
********************Dress for Bridge Day Festivities
9am - 10am: ********Eat Campfire Breakfast
10am - 11am:********Get ready to walk to the Bridge
********************Put out fire
********************Campfire Photo Shoot
********************Pack bag and head to Bridge
***********You will be going through metal detectors at entrance of bridge - Large backpacks, glass, weapons, pets or alcohol are not permited - just a heads up.
11am - 1pm: ********WV Bridge Day Festival
********************Watch crazy BASE jumpers
********************Visit the unique Appalachian Vendors on the bridge
********************Enjoy the AWEsome views from atop the bridge and take pictures
********************Amish Popcorn, Funnel Cake or Fudge?!
1pm - 4pm: *********Head to town of Fayetteville for Festivities
********************Chili cookoff
********************Quilt Show
********************Vendors - Arts and Crafts - Funnel Cake or Fudge?!
4pm - 5pm: **********Meet/Pow-wow back at campsite
********************Boys: Make blazing award-winning Campfire
********************Girls: Cut up vegetables and help with dinner
5pm - 6pm: *********Campfire Dinner
6pm - ????: ********Games
********************Drum Circle/Music
********************Bring your own Instrument or Drum - (We'll have extra)
9pm - midnight: ****Red Dog Saloon (Maybe????)
Midnight - ???: ****Dessert/Shots at Campfire

10.17.2010- Sunday:
8am - 9am: *********Wake up
9am - 10am:*********Make Fire
********************Campfire Breakfast
11am - noon: *******Pack up camp and pick up trash
********************Check out and Leave
Noon - 2pm: ********Geocaches @NRG
********************Beauty Mountain Overlook
2pm - 3pm***********Drive to Hawk's Nest
3pm - 5pm **********Caches at Hawk's Nest Area
5pm: ***************Drive Home

******All Itinerary items are subject to change at any time depending on the mood of our campers and severity of hangovers (this means you!)

*Campground Info and Directions:

There are several Cantrell campgrounds - we are in the "wooded" campground with the Quiet time of 1AM. Reservation is under Heather Pauley - it's $10/night - they even gave us a discount!

Cantrell campground driving directions:
Click the link for google maps driving directions

If you're going South on I19make a Right Turn

If you're going North on I19 make a Left Turn

the turn off is around Dairy Queen and Quality Inn ... Look for signs to "Gorge Gateway Center" - once on that road (Laurel St) campground road is the 1st driveway on the Right. Checkin at building with a sign that says "General Store."

Heather and I are going up early to set-up camp. We will be there around noon on Friday, the 15th. Feel free to call one of us if you have any questions.

What to bring for Bridge Day:
Tarp (to lay on the dampl WV mountain ground)
Blow-up Matress and/or lots of warm blankets
Longjohns and lots of warm clothes for evening
tanktops and sunscreen for day (gotta love the WV weather)
Extra socks and shoes (WV soil gets very damp)
Cooler, ice and beverage of your choice
Your choice of smoke
Cell Phone
**We'll be bringing propane stove and pots and pans
*** DO NOT BRING FIREWOOD - You can be fined and put in jail - and those mountain boys'll get ya! Ask me how I know..

For Geocaching:
a good pair of hiking shoes
jeans, or long pants

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