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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Off-Topic Tuesday

Two trips coming up for me!

I could talk for hours about why I love Bridge Day - but when the leaves start to change, and the cool Autumn breeze blows in and rustles up smells of campfires, leaves, PUMPKIN SPICES! I start to think about Bridge Day.
Every year thousands of thrill seekers come to the New River Gorge Bridge in Fayetteville, WV to BASE jump.

While this may be YOUR thing - it is definately NOT my cup-o-tea! I truly feel you would have to be certifiable to willingly jump off a bridge!!!!
I go to Bridge Day for this:

These photos are from Bridge Day 2007 - my then boyfriend, now husband, my mom and her husband - and Louie the dog. See him helping us stir the fire?!
So precious!
My brother will be here for this year's Bridge Day - and upon googling things-to-do around town on Bridge day weekend - do you know what he found?! A QUILT SHOW!!!
Check out the above Bridge Day Link for more info on the quilt show and chili cookoff!
Another thing we really look forward to is Geocaching. IF you ever get a chance to geocache in the New River Gorge area I highly recommend the Beauty Mountain Overlook Cache (must be logged in to see this) Go early and bring a snack - there's lots of twists and turns on the trail that will take you to the most breathtaking views EVER!!

In the fall WV Bridge Day is NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

For thanksgiving I get to see my long but not forgoten Daubenspeck side of the family - and the best part of all? We get to bring our furbabies!
I found these pictures to show my Louie - ya know, just to get him in the mood - he's so excited to feel the sand beneath his paws!


  1. Hi there! I am also a WV Quilter. I live in the Buckhannon area, but have also lived in Alderson and Morgantown. On my daughter's 18th birthday, we rafted the new river! It was exciting and scary at the same time. I will be following you to see what you are up to! The puppies are adorable!

  2. West Virginia in the fall is probably the most beautiful place in the whole world. (I'm originally from Lawrence County Kentucky, just a river away from WV, so I know whereof I speak.) The New River Gorge truly is an amazing place to visit, and you're right, you have to be absolutely bug-nuts to jump off that bridge.

    Hope you enjoy the Outer Banks area, it was one of my favorite vacations. If you have the time, drive south through the Cape Hattaras National Seashore and take the ferries out to the tippy-end at Okracoke. It's a great trip.