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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Almost THERE and Wonderfil Win

I am finishing up the binding on Jaime's BIG BED quilt. . WHICH I will be using as a QAYG tutorial. The tutorial, as a matter of fact, is almost finished as well! I am SO excited. I have worked VERY hard on this tutorial. I have tried my best to explain in detail the method in which I do quilt-as-you-go. I should have the tute up tomorrow . . . if all goes as planned ;c)

Next item on the agenda I wanted to discuss. . lol:

This is the 2nd month Wonderfil has hosted the contest, and the winner gets a thread package!! I love love love love love Wonderfil. . . their thread is amazing . . . but what's even more amazing is their customer service. They're also very interactive with their fans/customers on their facebook page:

If you're a fan of Wonderfil threads i.e., Invisifil, Tutti, Spagetti, etc., GO NOW to their facebook page. Go to the tab titled "Fan of the Month" You can see a dorky photo of me (lol) and read how you can enter the contest and win a thread package!!!

Okay. . stay tuned and good luck!!!

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