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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My string blocks have arrived!

YAY! So exciting! They're all sooo beautiful. I get my mail at my mother's house because I don't have a physical address at my apt. So the strings that I stitched are in a separate photo. Check them out. . aren't they awesome????

And here are my string blocks before I sent them out:

I still have quite a few of my neutral string blocks left from my UFO'd Roll Roll Cotton Boll. I'm sorry . . . yes, I gave up on it. I hang my head in shame. =c(
So I'm planning on using the Neutral string blocks along with these Colored ones from the swap. Wouldn't that make a cool quilt? Here's my neutral strings hanging on design wall:


Also, I just finished a little project I am quite proud of. My mother, just got a new Macintosh computer. It's so cute!! But so complicated when she's spent the last 40 years perfecting her use of PC. I couldn't imagine going from PC to Mac. . . I doubt I could go very far. I might start small, like she did. . and get an iphone.
So the Mac came in this elaborate shipping box and LOTS of padding, but NO case for it! I took it upon myself to make her a little laptop carrier. I used THIS TUTORIAL from "sew mama sew."
The tutorial is actually for a plain laptop SLEEVE. But I altered it a bit, made it a QUILTED laptop carrier, complete with strap. If anyone would like a tutorial on this I would be happy to make one. It has no pockets even though I would have liked to have added some. I found that with these bags you can EITHER do quilting, OR add pockets. One or the other NOT both.
I asked my mom what colors she would like and LUCKY FOR ME she said black/white/maybe some red. WELLL I am currently working on a Red/White/Black quilt so I already had the fabric scraps ready to go! You can see my RED/WHITE/BLACK work-in-progress quilt HERE.
I was quite torn as to what to use for the lining. I kind of wanted something soft, or fuzzy. I went through my scraps of fleece, flannel, and fuzzies, and couldn't find anything to match. But then I remembered my Michael Miller KNIT black polka dot fabric that I used to make my friend Heather's dress ;c) I was kinda scared to use a knit for the lining, but I just added some Pellon fusible stablizer and I think it worked quite nicely. Here's some photos of the finished bag:

Oh and here's the dress I made for Heather using the same knit fabric by Michael Miller ;c)


  1. Once your mother uses her Mac she will never go back to a PC.

    Great-looking computer bag. Nice job!

  2. The string blocks ARE awesome. What is your plan for them? I miss working on my string blocks, and my scrap bins are feelin the pinch of over-stashing! Yes, I have just made 'over-stashing' an official term.

  3. I see my string blocks. I'd recognize that purple plaid anywhere. It drove me crazy when I was doing the crown royal quilt, so I passed some on to each of you in the swap. Your string blocks are great, too. Going to have to follow your blog to see what you make from yours.


  4. Your strings are so very merry! You will put something together that really pleases yourself; just have fun playing with all the blocks!

    So sorry you got hacked on Quiltvillechat, but thanks for the prompt warning to all of us.

  5. OH! I can't wait for mine to arrive! I can see the ones I sent you... top left corner.. can't miss that bright blue down the middle :)