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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Next Project - Spa Quads

Okay so yes, I do have several UFOs and MANY WIPs hanging in the back, but I want to start something NEWWWWWWWW.
Oh brother, I know.
Well, I just have the urge and I can't help myself! LOL
I have several black and red print Fat Quarters that I purchased at the IQF Cincinnati. They're calling my name I tell you!!!
SO! I have spent the last couple days pondering what to do with these fat quarters. . I originally thought about designing something myself, but I'm feeling kinda lazy right now. I'd rather just use someone else's pattern and then add my touch of sparkle with the quilting! So I choose a design that would let the quilting shine through. This pattern looks like it would finish rather quickly too. . .so less time piecing and more time quilting. Always a plus in my book!

If anyone would like to give this pattern a GO, CLICK HERE to go to the pattern from Windham Fabrics. All you need is 24 fat quarters. I have exactly 24 FQs of Black, White, and Red prints!! It's meant to be?! ;cP

So here's all my pretty fabrics I am going to use for the quilt. The top 3 fabrics will be borders... *maybe* lol

I would also just like to add that I very rarely PRINT anything. I'm very cheap ahem, I mean Frugal, so I like to save all the paper and ink I can in my quilting process.

Here I just wrote down the general idea of the quilt on a half sheet of paper. This is the basics and I should'nt have to pull the pattern .pdf back up.

Okay I'm going to get sewing! What's everyone else working on right now?? ;c)

UPDATED 7/7/2011 -
A have all my blocks done, but that will be another post - here's a photo of the 1st block completed:

***Updated 7.29.2011****
Finished all my blocks - Now I'm just trying to find a way to arrange them in a pleasing manner.

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