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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bias Tape Applique

I'm working on a quilt right now that is going to require a bit of bias strip applique. . or "Celtic" applique. I've made lots of bias tape - by HAND, but it's usually no smaller than 1" wide. This quilt requires a bit more delicate bias tape. Right now it looks like I will need the bias tape to finish at no larger than 1/2".
So, today I've been looking around for different techniques to do this. Right now it looks like the easiest way would be to go out and purchase a Bias Tape MAKER.

THIS BLOG has a bunch of great tips, most of them being done by hand stitching and basting. I might try one of her techniques but just use my machine and add some stablizer behind it.
Not only am I searching for a method that would work well with MACHINE stitches, but that also won't be a lot of fabric waste. Most of these methods work well if you're using at least 1/2 yard of fabric. I would like a method where you can work from Fat Quarters or less.
I need 21 bias applique strips that will be in the shape of hearts that are no larger than 5" wide. I also want the hearts to be semi "scrappy" and don't want to cut into 5 different pieces of yardage. This seems very wasteful. I may not have another choice!

THIS BLOG shows you how to use bias BARS to make bias strips for applique. I think this would work well also. I'm STILL Trying to avoid breaking down and PURCHASING anything ;c) Yes I am THAT cheap.

How do you do bias applique? Does anyone have any cheap/frugal methods for doing this? That don't waste alot of fabric and work well with machine stitching? Please share your tips with me in the comments section I would greatly appreciate it!!!

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