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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Finally Done with DD

Just about an hour ago I put the finishing stitches on the binding of my LONGGGGG overdue, UFO'd Double Delight Quilt!!! To be quite frank, this quilt has been absolute HELL. Nothing to do with Bonnie, or her pattern. In fact, this pattern was quite wonderful. . . as is ALL her designs. However, I started the quilt with an old Singer (el-cheapo, crappo) sewing machine. I did not have the high-tech fancy stuff and was unable to free-motion quilt back then. I got so frustrated with the thing I stuck it in a bag for a year. . or two. It's done now though, it took 3 whole, long, FULL days of doing the borders.
I think my frustration had to do with #1) The crappy sewing machine and #2) Doing QAYG with an ON-POINT setting. Yeah, can you even wrap your brain around that??? It was just problems galore.
Oh well, it's done now. NOO I will not be selling this or gifting this. THIS quilt will have a new home in my usual gallery of quilts. . . aka MOMS house. ;cD
Quilts just look so much better at her house rather than in my musty old apartment. =cP

After I sweated and cussed through the finishing steps of this gigantic quilt this evening. . . I stuck it in the washing machine. After several months of being cooped up in a bag with little to no attention. . it needed a good cleaning and airing out.
I will have photos for ya tomorrow. . . stay tuned ;c)

PS - what shall I name her??? I do believe the name should have either the word "Double" OR "Delight". . NOT both . . and have something to do with the painstaking process this has been for me.
Blood Sweat and Tears Delight?
Double Sweat and Tears?
Double Curse?
Cursing Delight?

Ah well, I suppose you should actually SEE the quilt before you can actually assist with a name for it.

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