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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Double Delight Done!!

Okay, so here are the photos of my Double Delight.
I pulled out all my neutrals, greens, and a few darkish blues and reds. For the constant color, Bonnie's "Cheddar" color, I used a gold print. The gold print included those dark blues, reds, and evergreen greens.
For the small inner border I used scrappy reds for the top, and scrappy greens for the Back. I used the same blue floral print for both Top and Back. The photographs make the blue look a little more BLUE it seems than what it looks like in real life.

Like I said previously, I constructed this quilt totally using the QAYG method. I have written a tutorial on how I do QAYG and it can be found in the TABS section . . just look UP! ;c)

And a couple more closeups -
I did these little flower quilt designs with NO FMQ. . just my regular straight stitch. . . yes. . .
I don't know what I was thinking with the quilting on the setting triangles - spiderweb quilting maybe?? LOL
Some absolutely horrible fabrics for the back setting triangles. . .
The back has a 'butterfly' theme I guess . . LOL.
The fabric I used for the 9patch blocks was this pretty autumn fabric.

When I said this was totally scrappy. . . I MEANT it!!! ;c)
Bonnie should be so proud of me!!!
AND the quilt is BIG . . I know she approves of that too! LOL
I had, and STILL have, TONS of green fabric. . . So I used green throughout this quilt.
oooo. . . I just thought of something1!

***Update. . . someone suggested a better name for this quilt
"Double Trouble"


  1. Splendid, Katie! Front and back!

  2. Katie it was worth it all! The quilt looks wonderful and you did a great job on the quilting, too. Nice!

  3. Your Double Delight is wonderful! I love it!

  4. Thanks guys for your sweet comments - I know for sure that most of you guys are amazing quilters. . and so coming from you guys it means alot!!!

  5. Katie, that's one beautiful quilt. It looks like a stained glass window, with all those rich colors. QAYG, too! I'm not very familiar with this technique and will check out your tutorials--thanks for making them available.

  6. Love this quilt AND your blog!!!