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Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Gift to You. . and Miami Trip

I'm leaving in a few hours to go to Miami for a Mother/Daughter weekend so it will be quiet around these parts. There are 5 of us ladies going this weekend and the 5 of us are all different generations. We have 1 in her teens, 1 in her 20s, 1(me) in her 30s, 1 in her 40s, and 1 in her 50s. AND we're all crazy so it will be blast I'm sure!

Now for my gift to you:
One of the tools that I absolutely could NOT live without is my graph paper. Not just any graph paper, it has to be the PERFECT graph paper.
The graph paper I use has 70x100 squares and they're divided by 5s for easy counting.
I use graph paper for EVERY SINGLE QUILT I create. Every T-shirt quilt, every memory quilt. . everything. . HAS to be sketched out precisely on graph paper. The end result is a quilt that is the exact size I planned for.
I have a hard time finding good graph paper locally . . or even online! So the graph paper I use is from a printed file. that way I can use it repeatedly.
Today I would like to share this file with all of you, my lovely blog readers and friends. All you need to do is click the photo and save it for your own use. Be sure to save the photo as a .bmp file (24-bit bitmap.) This way, you can open the graph up in PAINT and color in the squares if you so wish. If you save it as a .jpg or other file, the colors will all mush together.
Once you have the file saved, open it up in PAINT. Go to page setup and tell it to fit to 1 x 1 pages. Also set it to print as landscape. Now when you print it will fill out the whole page and you'll have as much graph paper as you need.

This is the first step to designing your own quilts! (without expensive programs)
I hope you enjoy this and I'm off to Miami to get some sunshine!

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