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Friday, March 2, 2012


The new switch to Timeline on Facebook has prompted me to go ahead and get everything switched over to my business page.
I used to upload all my photos to my personal page and and just TAG them on my business page. Facebook won't let me do this anymore so I am going to be uploading all my photos to just the Katie's Quilts and Crafts Facebook page:

I went ahead and gathered all the photos of every single quilt, table runner, tote, purse, pot holder, wall hanging, etc., etc., etc., and put them into albums on facebook! I've been meaning to do it for the longest time so I'm kinda glad something lit a fire under my butt.
So be SURE to stop by my FACEBOOK page. .. go to PHOTOS. . and SNOOOOOOP and browse until your hearts content. Share with your FRIENDS. . and be SURE to "LIKE" me!!!!

one more time now. . okay?

Also all my pricing and everything is still under the "general info" section on facebook.

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