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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Adrian's T-Quilt

Adrian's T-Shirt Quilt finished!! I love the Reds and Tie-dyed shirts. . I love having at least one tie-dye in a Tquilt . . it really brightens up the whole thing.

Here's a closeup. . Hearts in the burgundy areas, I quilted some little pebbles in a few of the narrow strips, outlines in some of the black areas and ecchos in the white areas.
Even closer Closeup:
I eccho quilted around Adrian's embroidered name this time. . . I really like how it turned out.
I did extra small stippling in this white area. . . curvy lines in between each row of text. Pebbles in that one "Poca" logo. Paisleys in the grey areas. . . hearts in the burgundy areas. For this quilt's Year/Date I used burgundy T-shirt material and I LOVE HOw it turned out. The last couple quilts I used regular quilting fabric. . but the t-shirt material gives that fun raw-edge look to it.
Paisleys in the grey areas.
Squiggles in the tie-dye areas in Red thread and hearts in the burgundy areas.
I almost forgot to quilt this little white strip! So I pulled the quilt down and decided to do a small bit of Mc Tavishing. . . oh does it show up nicely on the t-shirt material!!
I quilted a feather in one block for each girl.
Here's the back - we used Red this time because the majority of her shirts were red (Poca High School) I was having some tension issues with this backing material. I'm not sure why. The first thing I did was applique the year "2012" on there and it was really giving me problems. I decided to do the whole thing with matching threads from the front. I used same color thread in the bobbin and in the top. So the back is a quilt in itself. . showing off the quilting stitches even more!
Here's a closeup of the back and all the fun stitches

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  1. Your FMQ skills are phenomenal - You ROCK! and you talked me into keeping a great quilt. I'm honoring you with a Versatile Blog award - :)