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Friday, May 4, 2012

Monkey Baby Quilt

Remember the OWL baby quilt I made HERE?  I made the Owl quilt for my friend Tiffany and gave it to her at her baby shower.   Her MIL saw the quilt and wanted a quilt similar to that one but with a monkey instead.  Also she wanted pinks and browns.   I have several pinks and browns in my stash but the pinks were a little too harsh for my taste.  So I went to Phyllis's Quilt shop and got some new pinks ;c)  I went for peach-y pinks and the ones I had in my stash were more fushica or bright pink.
I googled images of monkeys and I came up with this little drawing after being inspired by several different monkey clip-art photos.  
I drew the monkey on freezer paper that was cut the size of the center of the quilt.  Then I cut all the shapes out and traced them (backwards) onto fusible.
After all the shapes were fused I used a combination of a straight stitch and a buttonhole stitch and raw-edge applique.

Here I am laying all of the shapes out BEFORE fusing.

Here's all of my shapes fused and the sandwich basted.  I'm going to be stitching through all 3 layers and using same-color thread on the top and bobbin.    Gives a cool effect on the back.
 Here I am auditioning threads.
 I took this photo to show just how much I love Aurifil thread!   I did all of this quilting shown, with just ONE bobbin. ;c)
Here is the white areas (my version of McTavishing) all finished. 
 Finished Quilt photos!!

 and photos of the back:


  1. Katie, that is TOO TOO CUTE ! and your quilting is gorgeous!

  2. Wow! What a cute quilt! You did a wonderful job on it, very creative and quilted perfectly!

  3. What a talented and creative designer you have become! Thank you for showing the stages of progress that helps us follow along.

  4. This is só cute! - Would love to be able to purchase the pattern for the monkey from you... could we email about this quilt, please?

  5. I cannot find out whether this pattern is for sale or not. I would love to purchase it if it is.

  6. My girlfriend was interested in a pattern of this adorable quilt. Is it available? - Debra

  7. I have not yet made this into a pattern . . . For some reason I threw away the Owl after I drew it. . . I kept the Owl patterns in my pattern file. . I will have to re-draw this so it won't be exactly like this one. . so I am going to have to remake the quilt totally. . that's why I have not got to this project yet =c( I'm sorry!

    1. I threw away the MONKEY. . . I kept the OWLS. . . ;c)

  8. Im so wanting the pattern for the owl and monkey quilts. if they are available please let me know where i can purchase them.

  9. I would LOVE to purchase the monkey pattern!! My grandson loves monkeys and this would make such a special gift for him!!!